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Queensland’s best Concrete Solutions

The demand for leading Concrete Solutions have come following the rapid growth in both commercial and residential construction environments. From a rising renovation culture to an upkeep in major infrastructure projects - Concrete Solutions continue to underpin various developments across Queensland.

Concrete acts as an essential building block across most modern projects, boasting unmatched properties in the way of cost-efficiency, versatility, durability, and pliability. With the ability to accommodate an incredibly diverse range of projects, quality concrete solutions are being sought after now more than ever.

Boodles Concrete is a leading provider of quality concrete solutions, offering unmatched industry experience and exclusive insights across every project. No matter the application, Boodles Concrete solutions are a leading investment, providing both products and services of superior quality, maximising benefits and reducing long-term costs.

Boodles Concrete services the wider regions of Queensland with leading concrete solutions, including:

Crushed Concrete

Crushed concrete is commonly referred to as ‘Recycled Concrete’ and has been popularised amidst growing sustainability trends. Despite misconceptions, crushed concrete acts as a leading aggregate and provides distinct benefits ideal for a diverse range of projects. As the perfect symphony between price, quality, and sustainability - Crushed concrete is a leading aggregate solution.

Concrete Sleepers

Concrete Sleepers can commonly be referred to as ‘Concrete Bricks’ and are the perfect building block for landscaping and development projects. Concrete Sleepers are an incredibly strong and decorative addition, acting as a strong and cost-effective concrete solution for vertical boundaries or retainer walls.

Concrete Slabs

Concrete Slabs are an integral structural element, manufactured to provide useful surfaces across the construction industries. With utility that ranges in size, concrete slabs are horizontal concrete components that form the foundations of modern homes and high-rise buildings.

Concrete Railway Sleepers

Concrete Railways Sleepers are a beneficial alternative to their wooden counterparts and are manufactured from steel reinforced concrete. With less elasticity and sound structural integrity, concrete railway sleepers are more durable and last significantly longer than sleepers made of wood.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a common product developed for the construction industry made by curing concrete with the use of forms and molds. Precast concrete holds distinct advantages over site-manufactured concrete given their controlled manufacture, shape diversity, and ‘shelf-ready’ nature. The use of precast is constantly growing and is a common way to reduce project turn around periods.

Ready Mix Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete is a concrete solution that is batched ready for delivery. Manufactured from a central batching plant, each load of ready mix concrete is premium in nature and made in a controlled environment - enhancing product durability and overall quality. Ready Mix Concrete can be catered to individual projects, adjusting aggregate proportions to optimally perform in different circumstances.

Concrete Contractors

One of the most beneficial concrete solutions refer to labour available for hire across a range of diverse applications. Boodles Concrete Contractors define a peak in professional concrete services, providing cost-effective access to world-class experience, superior quality product, and workmanship guarantee.


Shotcreting refers to a process which utilises compressed air to disperse concrete at high velocities onto structural surfaces, being commonly referred to as ‘Concrete Spray’ or ‘Spraycrete’. Shotcrete is a leading concrete solution allowing the ‘free-form’ construction of concrete-based objects such as pools, facades, and faux rock finishes.

Concrete Delivery

Concrete Delivery is one of the most popular concrete solutions, providing access to long-distance concrete haulage. Concrete delivery will typically utilise mobile concrete plant for transportation - increasing efficiency and reducing onsite downtime. The most common concrete delivery method is Agi Truck Hire, which constantly agitate concrete during transport to prolong the rate in which concrete sets.

Concrete Placement

Concrete Placement is a vital process in most modern developments, forming an integral structural element across buildings, sidewalks, garden sheds, and more. Concrete placement is a leading concrete solution, referring to both precast importation and the manufacture of concrete slabs and foundations.

Boodles Concrete Solutions

concrete solution services

Boodles Concrete solutions are an invaluable asset across development projects, providing worksites around Queensland with vital products and services. Leading Concrete solutions provide access to quality outcomes, maximising useful product life, reliability, and overall product quality.

Boodles Concrete is a leading provider of Concrete Solutions, delivering premium products and services across Queensland. With over 50 Years experience in the Concrete industry and a combination of exclusive industry experience, concrete quality, innovative machinery and world-class processes, Boodles Concrete is the preferred provider of Concrete Solutions.

To enquire about our concrete solutions, contact us on 1300 291 130.

Concrete Placement Service Areas

concrete solution services

Boodles Concrete has been operating since 1968, and to this day, remains a family owned business. With family values still at the core of all operations and a dedication to innovation, precision, and old-fashioned work ethic - Boodles Concrete has grown to become the premier concrete provider in Queensland.

Since first opening in Goondiwindi, Boodles Concrete has quickly grown to service the wider regions of Queensland with presence across Chinchilla, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Emerald, Biloela, Charleville, Roma, Miles, Gayndah and Biddenden.

Don’t miss out on what the concrete industries best has to offer. Find out more about our leading Concrete Solutions today at 1300 291 130.



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