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Semi Trailer Road Truck for Hire 

At Boodle’s Concrete we have a fleet of road trucks that can be used on concrete jobs or earthworks projects. Our semi trailer is one of the bigger trucks in our fleet and is instrumental in getting our mobile concrete batching plant to and from worksites. Our semi trailer and other road trucks are available for wet and dry hire and are capable of bulk haulage.

Our semi trailer for hire is essential to any earthworks or concreting project we undertake. This is because it's capable of hauling concreting equipment along with a range of other standard haulage services. Our semi trailer is able to be dry hired on its own for your haulage needs, or with other equipment and trucks from our fleet to ensure your job is completed.

If you choose to wet hire our semi trailer we have experienced and licenced operators ready to go when you are. Our semi trailers for hire are regularly serviced to ensure they consistently perform every time they roll out of the shop. Our operators and mechanics maintain our trucks to the highest standard because we know how important it is for the job to be done on time and on budget.

What is a Semi Trailer Truck?

A semi trailer road truck is a larger trailer that doesn’t have a front axle. The semi trailer is one of the most popular types of transport trailers because they do not have a front axle, which makes it much easier to back the trailer into its location. Because of this the trailer connects to the truck by a coupling consisting of a kingpin securing the truck and trailer and two plates, one of which rotates, creating one turning point.

Semi trailers come in a range of shapes as they have the most versatile haulage options. The standard type is the box semi trailer which consists of a box frame with doors on the back, this is used to haul non-perishable goods, often for retail and commercial industries. Another popular type of semi trailer is the flat bed, used to haul anything that can be strapped down.

Semi trailer hire

What is a Semi Trailer used for?

semi trailer hire

A semi trailer is used as the main freight road transport trailer in most countries. Semi trailers come in all kinds of variations but the constant between them all is not having a front axle. By only having the trailer connect at one point, reversing, coupling and uncoupling is much easier than other trailers. On top of this the semi trailer can also be easily stored safely by itself.

To hire a Semi Trailer Truck or for more information contact us today!

Give us a call today to enquire about our range of semi trailer road trucks for wet or dry hire. We can help you out with a semi trailer road truck hire for your next construction job, no matter how big or small. Our semi trailer is available for wet hire across Queensland including in Brisbane, Chinchilla, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Bundaberg, Gold Coast, Gladstone, Emerald, Rockhampton, Biloela, Roma, Miles, Charleville, Gayndah and Biggenden.



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