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Concrete Placement Services

Concrete Placement is a vital process in most modern developments, acting as a cornerstone to construction across both residential and commercial environments. While concrete placement may occasionally refer to ‘precast’ importation and positioning, the most common implication references the manufacture of concrete slabs and foundations which are used as an integral structural element across buildings, sidewalks, garden sheds, and more.


Several elements are present when analysing the process of concrete placement, all of which have a significant impact on the products overall quality. The failure to adapt operations to a diverse range of project requirements at any stage during placement may ultimately be a determining factor in a structures poor durability and low-calibre production. The concrete placement process typically consists of:

When searching for concrete placement services within a commercial setting, professional services are a vital requirement given the dependability on both durability and safety. While residential counterparts often opt for ‘Self-Installation’, professional concrete placement is still highly recommended given the range of different technical and climatic parameters which affect each stage of the concrete placement process. 

While ‘cost’ is an inevitable factor across every project, professional concrete placement still has a distinct advantage over other alternatives, proving to be the best overall investment. With decades of industry experience and exclusive insights professional concrete placement services can not only reduce the long-term expenses associated with poor concrete construct, but may also minimise short-term expense associated with the price of ‘error’.

Boodles Concrete Placement

While concrete placement remains an invaluable asset across development projects, the use of professional services are highly undervalued when considering the potential short and long-term implications. Concrete companies provide access to essential knowledge and in-depth processes which maximise the useful product life, reliability, and overall product quality.

Boodles Concrete is a leading provider of Concrete Placement services, delivering premium concrete slabs, foundations, and precast concrete, backed by decades of engineering and design. Delivering industry-leading results across both commercial and residential settings, Boodles Concrete is Queensland’s premier concrete company.

With over 50 Years experience in the Concrete industry and a combination of exclusive industry experience, concrete quality, innovative machinery and world-class processes, Boodles Concrete is the preferred provider of Concrete Placement solutions.

To enquire about how our concrete placement services can assist your next project, contact us on 1300 291 130.

Concrete Placement Service Areas

concrete placement services

Beginning in 1968, Boodles Concrete has remained a family-owned business, implementing the same family values across all operations. With a dedication to innovation, precision, and old-fashioned work ethic - Boodles Concrete has grown to become the premier concrete provider in Queensland. 

Since opening, Boodles Concrete has strived for perfection and continues to redefine what ‘quality’ looks like in the concreting industry. All offerings by Boodles Concrete are exclusively premium and backed by unmatched operating experience.

From humble beginnings in Goondiwindi, Boodles Concrete has quickly grown to service the wider regions of Queensland with presence across Chinchilla, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Bundaberg, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Emerald, Biloela, Charleville, Roma, Miles, Gayndah and Biddenden.

Don’t miss out on what the concrete industry's best has to offer. Find out more about our Concrete placement services today at 1300 291 130.



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