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What is Road Base Gravel?

Road Base Gravel is an aggregate product with a primary use across construction and development projects. Road Base Gravel is essentially a form of Road Base but may be referred to broadly as “Road Rock,” “Road Gravel,” and “Aggregate Base'.

Road Base Gravel will typically refer to a blend of gravel and other fine materials which in cases can consist of crushed stone, sand, or clay. While gravel blends may differ depending on supplier, all material when compacted should create a hard surface and provide a highly strong base. When choosing road base gravel it is vital to understand that not all material is equal. Choosing a premium grade road base gravel can significantly improve the strength, function, and life of your project and lead to significant cost-reduction over the long-run.

Whether you are unsure whether road base gravel is suitable for your project, need more information regarding the use of road base gravel, or are seeking a lead road base gravel supplier - you can contact our professionals at 1300 291 130.

What is Road Base Gravel used for?

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Road base gravel is used as a road base material when a strong, durable, and effective base is required. Road base gravel essentially works by providing a strong base which assists in stability, longevity, and drainage. One of the primary functions of road base gravel is to facilitate the movement of storm water and prevent deformation or lasting damage. Road base gravel has become increasingly popular across both residential and commercial industries given its diverse nature and leading functionality.

While road base gravel can be used for landscaping and development purposes, the primary use is as a road base. The most common projects which utilise road base gravel include: driveways, paths, pipe bedding, car parks and walkways.

How much does Road Base Gravel Cost?

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The quantity of Road Base Gravel required to complete a project may vary greatly depending on actual application and the wider project scope. Different projects such as driveways, roads, and pathways may not only require differing surface areas, but may require alternate material depths. To find exact quantities it is recommended you obtain measurements or descriptions and contact a professional to assist you further.

If you are unsure about whether road base gravel is right for your project or are simply seeking a quote, you can contact our quarry supply professionals at 1300 291 130.

Road Base Gravel Supply Services

As one of Australia's leading Road Base Gravel suppliers, you can always be sure you're getting the absolute best in quality and customer service when you work with the team at Boodle's Concrete.

Boodle’s Concrete services can supply road based gravel all over Queensland. We are based in Chinchilla but are able to supply the surrounding areas, including Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Biddenden, Gayndah, Miles, Roma, Charleville, Biloela, Emerald, Rockhampton, Gladstone and Bundaberg.

To find out more about our quarry supply services or to place an order for road base gravel, or other Quarry Supplies, contact us directly on 1300 291 130.



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