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What is Washed Sand?

Sand is often considered a cornerstone to many residential and commercial projects with extensive development and construction implications. From its use in concrete, mortar, and asphalt to patios, walkways, and retaining walls - sand plays a vital role in projects all over Australia. But what is washed sand?

Washed sand is surfaced mined sand which is screened and ‘washed’ to remove clay, silt, dust, and other excess materials from the sand. During the washing process, sand particles are typically categorised into size classifications before being left to dry. Typically washed sand is separated into coarse and fine washed alternatives.

Fine Washed Sand - Characterised by pale red or yellow tones and fine sand texture which is suitable for a range of residential and commercial applications.

Coarse Washed Sand - Characterised by pale tan tones and a coarse sand texture which is incredibly diverse across residential and commercial applications.

What is Washed Sand used for?

Washed Sand has a multitude of specific applications across the development and construction industries given how diverse and unique its properties are. While washed sand is frequently used for childrens sandpits, beach development, and rendering - its applications don’t stop there. Washed Sand is commonly used for projects including:

Mortar Mix

Mortar mix is typically used for bricklaying and pointing and is commonly made from cement, water, and fine sand particles. The use of Washed Sand can increase the strength and quality of Mortar Mixes and can even prevent cracking during the drying process.


Washed Sand is popular in the concreting industry, being mixed with concrete to fulfill a large array of construction and development projects. Like mortar, the use of washed sand can vastly increase concrete quality and strength.

Lawn Care

Washed Sand has become increasingly popular as a top-dressing for residential and commercial lawn care given its unique properties. Sand drains freely given its low silt and clay content, making it an ideal aggregate. Top Dressing newly laid turf can also improve root to soil contact and aid in keeping moisture in around the edges.


Washed Sand is a common material across jobs that require pavement work such as; Driveways, paths, and patios. Washed Sand as an underlayer helps to prevent corrosion when compared to other materials, and provides optimal drainage.

How much Washed Sand is needed?

washed sand supply services

The quantity of washed sand needed may vary greatly depending on the project and its intended use. Those utilising washed sand for lawn care are inevitably going to need a different quantity to those mixing concrete or laying pavements. Here are general rules to consider when purchasing Washed Sand:

Pavements - Measure the total area being paved and ensure the sand base as a minimum of 30mm deep.

Lawn Care - Measure the total area of lawn you wish to topdress, ensuring thickness does not exceed 10mm

Concreting - Concrete mix can vary however the most common ratio is 1:3:3. One part concrete to three parts washed sand and three parts aggregate (14mm).

Rendering - Ratios for rendering can vary significantly depending on the required strength and coat work. Its recommended to contact a professional when rendering, given the high degree of difficulty across the mixing and application processes.

Washed Sand Supply Services

As one of Australia's leading washed sand suppliers, you can always be sure you're getting the absolute best in quality and customer service when you work with the team at Boodle's Concrete. After more than 50 years in the construction and earthwork industries, we know the importance of relationships in every aspect of our business. That experience also means we can share our relationship with you, to bring the absolute best materials to your next project.

Boodle’s Concrete services can supply Washed Sand all over Queensland. We are based in Chinchilla but are able to supply the surrounding areas, including Brisbane, Biloela, Emerald, Bundaberg, Toowoomba, Roma, Miles, Gayndah, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Charleville and Biggenden.

To find out more about our landscaping supply services or to place an order for Washed Sand - contact us directly on 1300 291 130.



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