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What is Decorative Stone?

Decorative Stone is a natural rock which holds a multitude of residential and commercial applications, typically being used for; mulch, ground cover, patios, pools, driveways, gardens, and large landscaping projects. Among all other benefits, at face value, decorative stone can help structure and landscape gardens and large-scale projects for a more refined, professional, and modern finish.

Decorative Stone can be quite diverse and comes equipped with a large range of design and functional applications. Before investing, it is vital to understand the scope of your project, environmental factors, and any underlying requirements. Whether you need style, drainage, weed control, or pathways - Landscaping and Decorative stone can accommodate. These are some of the most common forms of Decorative Stone:


While most landscaping and decorative stones provide a professional and polished aesthetic, Pebbles and Boulders are one of the most common ‘natural’ choices.

Beach and River Pebbles - These pebbles share common features of pea gravel but are significantly larger. They are round, smooth, and are beneficial for landscaping design, weed prevention, and preventing excess moisture dispersion.

Boulders and Rocks - These stones are typically much larger in size and are commonly seen as part of feature walls or rock gardens.

Paths and Pathways

Decorative stone is becoming an increasingly popular choice across residential and commercial applications when constructing paths and driveway given their affordability and diversity.

Crushed Gravel - This form of decorative stone is characterised by its rough and irregular nature. Crushed Gravel can be sourced in a variety of sizes and creates a durable and sturdy surface.

Decomposed Granite - Granite as a decorative stone holds similar properties to gravel, however, is much finer in size. Decomposed Granite makes for an incredibly sturdy surface and a natural look that compliments.


Decorative stones can provide great drainage solutions and prevent foundational and landscape damage.

Pea Gravel - Pea Gravel is closely related to beach and river pebbles, however, is characterised by its small size. Pea Gravel makes for a great drainage solution but is not ideal for driveways and paths given its round and slippery nature.

What is the cheapest landscaping stone?

While pricing concerns are always inevitable, money can be saved long-term by choosing the landscaping and decorative stones from the beginning of the project. High quality and compatible Decorative stones need to be seen as an investment given their tendency to look better, last longer, and provide a greater number of benefits.

For those still wondering “What is the cheapest landscaping stone?” Here are the most typical ‘cost-effective’ decorative stones.

  1. Crushed Stones
  2. Landscape Boulders
  3. River Rocks
  4. Pea Gravel

Prices of these stones are all subject to an ever-changing environment and all rely on rock type, size, delivery, location and more. In truth, the cheapest decorative stone is the one which best suits your project.

If you are unsure which landscaping and decorative stones you may require, you can contact our landscaping professionals at 1300 291 130.

How much Landscaping Stone is needed?

decorative stone supply services

The quantity of landscaping stone or decorative stone may vary greatly depending on rock size and the project scope. To find exact quantities you will need to obtain a length, width, and depth measurement and multiply them accordingly to find the projects volume.

If you are unable to measure, a good rule of thumb is one yard of rock for every 100 square feet at a 2 inch depth.

If you are unsure about calculations please contact a professional. You can contact our landscaping professionals at 1300 291 130.

Landscaping and Decorative Stone Supply Services

As one of Australia's leading landscape and decorative stone suppliers, you can always be sure you're getting the absolute best in quality and customer service when you work with the team at Boodle's Concrete. After more than 50 years in the construction and earthwork industries, we know the importance of relationships in every aspect of our business. That experience also means we can share our relationship with you, to bring the absolute best materials to your next project.

Boodle’s Concrete services can supply Landscaping and Decorative Stone all over Queensland. We are based in Chinchilla but are able to supply the surrounding areas, including Brisbane, Biloela, Emerald, Bundaberg, Toowoomba, Roma, Miles, Gayndah, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Charleville and Biggenden.

To find out more about our landscaping supply services or to place an order for garden mulch, bark, topsoil, garden soil and decorative stone contact us directly on 1300 291 130.



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